Valerie June Publications

Valerie Spearpoint is an author from the Cotswolds. Her first book was “Violet and Rose Share the Magic of Christmas!” and her second book is “Archie and The Bluebs”.

violet and rose share the magic of christmas

Violet and Rose Share the Magic of Christmas!

Violet and Rose are whisked away on the adventure of a lifetime. Join them as they help Father Christmas deliver presents across the world, spreading the true meaning of Christmas.

archie and the bluebs

Archie and The Bluebs

The earth is at the peril of the MYSTERIOUS DARKNESS and young Archie Smythe an inquisitive boy of 7 and three quarters years of age, with red spiky hair and freckles takes on the MYSTERIOUS DARKNESS in a bid to save and protect planet earth.

Meet Archie, The Bluebs (Trevor and Dougie) and Zenry August the Wizard or (Bob) for short in this mystical adventure!